Are Coolers the New Cool Thing?

Yeti Coolers, ever heard of them? I hadn’t until a few years ago when the fratty and sratiness began splurging on them, everyones just wanting to be southern.  Don’t get me wrong, I love oversize Comfort Colors shirts and Chacos as much as the next sorority girl but I don’t get this new obsession with buying a $350 cooler! Apparently, they keep ice for 2 weeks AND they’re Grizzly Bear proof. I don’t know of any sorority girl who would need a cooler that kept ice for that long nor one that would ever be in the same vicinity of a Grizzly Bear, unless you go to college in Alaska which has two sororities (I can’t even imagine how often Greek Rank changes up there)

I follow the The Cooler Connection page on Facebook and have seen lots of girls posting pictures of their new seafoam green or baby blue Yetis that their boyfriends bought them.  Really? Your boyfriend bought you a cooler that’s as much as a designer purse which you will probably use 17 times.  I have to admit the monogram stickers that they put on them are quite adorable but I still don’t get this new fad because honestly, I’d rather have the purse; which I can also carry beer in although not recommended.

I’m one of those guilty ladies who spent hours/days/weeks painting coolers for fraternity men and thoroughly enjoyed it.  There’s just something about sanding the crap out of a plastic box and spraying white primer on it to get some college stress out.  Classes are optional and studying is hopefully not something you need to do in those weeks while you paint your masterpiece. It’s quite humorous to read on the Facebook page when girls post about painting a Yeti for their boyfriend.  Just to summarize “Don’t paint a Yeti, you will void the warranty, and die”. Apparently, lots of ladies don’t care and should bypass the drama and sand the damn thing. (I have seen many painted Yetis and they look pretty bomb so you go Glenn Cocos!)

I never thought that a colored Yeti cooler would complete the sorority girl uniform. Guess I won’t be accepted into this cooler club, not like I would be invited since I’m 25 and not in college anymore but I will still continue to rock my leggings and oversized fraternity shirts while I still can. Which should be for a while since I still get carded for R-rated movies, 25 going on 18.

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