New Year, New Favorites!

I love trying new products and since I still receive my Birchbox every month I get to do just that! This year I want to focus more on products that require low maintenance so you spend less time getting ready for the world and more time out there enjoying it! Another focus is moisturizing, I know that during the winter my skin gets SO DRY that it’s almost unbearable! So check out some of my new favorites!

Ouidad Climate Control Ultimate Frizz Fighting Trio – $44

I have naturally curly hair and in the winter I feel like I need all the help I can get to keep it moistuouidad-climate-control-ultimate-frizz-fighting-trio-350x350rized so it doesn’t turn into a big frizzy mess! This system has saved my life (and my beauty sleep)! Obviously, I use the shampoo and conditioner in the shower but a trick I learned a couple years ago when using conditioner. Only massage in from the top of you neck down.  Don’t go all the way to the root with it or else it will cause more grease as the day goes on. I also use a microfiber towel, flip my head over and scrunch my curls upwards towards the roots to dry and then I apply the heat and humidity gel. This system has made it possible for me to hop out of the shower and be on my way without having to deal with using defusers on my hair dryer which causes my hair to frizz more! But I also have one more secret weapon to complete this process…

macadamia_nourishingmoisture_oil_treatment_4.2oz_900x900Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Oil Treatment – $40

Obviously, this product says it all in the name, moisture.  I run this through my hair after the heat and humidity gel to lock in the moisture and keep my curls from frizzing out! I usually use my hairdryer on a low heat setting to dry my bangs a little and then take my flatiron through them on a low heat setting again.  To add a little volume I will pull my bangs back with a small clip on top of my head while I drive to work.  By the time I arrive my hair is halfway dry so I unclip my bangs and am ready to go! Don’t be too scared of the price, a little bit goes a long way so it lasts a long time.  I have been using the travel size of this for 2 months now!

Living Proof “Perfect Hair Day” Dry Shampoo – $22livingproof_phddryshampoo_900x900

I swear by dry shampoo mainly because some mornings I just do not want to get out my cozy bed to shower before work and this is by far the best one I have tried.  It not only helps soak up the oil, sweat, and odor in your hair but it actually CLEANS IT as the day goes on.  It also smells absolutely amazing!! I cherish this product and search for when it is on sale since I think $22 is a little steep for a dry shampoo especially with how much I use it!

Karuna Hydrating Sheet Mask – $8

If you follow fashion blogs or read any magazine ever then you have probably heard about the new fad that is sheet masks.  I had heard about them for a few months now but it wasn’t until I was perusing around Ulta (one of my favorite hobbies) that I stumbled upon these sheets of gold! One of the workers there recommended I try the hydrating one but they have many different versions of this mask for all skin types! (age defying, clarifying, exfoliating, brightening, etc) I immedhydrating_single__10567.1420561348.1280.1280iately went home, washed my face and put this mask on, it was interesting to say the least. Be sure to line it up best with your eyes since I put one side a little low and the mask was a little close to my eye causing it to be a tiny bit irritated. I left it on for 10 minutes and when I took it off I could tell that my skin was silky soft and hydrated!!

*Tip – These masks aren’t cheap so when you remove the mask from the foil packaging, take a plastic bag and pour the rest of the solution into it.  When you are done with your mask treatment peel it off, fold it back up, and put it into the plastic bag.  Keep in the fridge for up to one week and it is good for one more use! (be sure that you applied it to freshly washed, clean skin)

I hope you try out some of my favorite products and enjoy them as much as I do! Let me know if you have any of your own favorite products that I should try.

Summer Steals

It’s summertime and that means sunshine, pool time, day-drinking, and working everyday! Yep, being in the real world sucks in the summer. No summer vacation!!! I never thought I would be so sad to graduate from school until I realized a couple weeks ago that I haven’t had a break in forever! How depressing but I think that’s enough of my negativity, time to get to the good stuff, my new summer favorites!! My Birchbox has broadened my beauty supplies and has opened my eyes to new brands and products.

Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner

I have naturally curly/wavy hair and sometimes it can be really annoying when I get out of the shower and do my DevaCurl regimen but still end up with frizzy curls! Some mornings I wake up and don’t have time to shower and straighten myliving proof hair so I decided to try this duo and its AWESOME.  I can just shower and head out the door knowing that my curls are in place due to the anti-humidity shield that these products have. Not only are they miracles in my life but they smell amazing!! I can’t imagine having a shampooing system that doesn’t smell good! These are a little pricey but when it comes down to it they aren’t near as expensive as many of the other salon-worthy products.

Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray

What’s great hair without a shine spray? This amazing find that came in my Birchbox last month is my new obsession.  I don’t even care how expensive it is or that reviewers have calledoribe-apres-beach-spray it an overpriced hair perfume, It’s AMAZING.  I use my DevaCurl gel after scrunching the water out of my hair with my DevaCurl microfiber towel. Then I wait for my hair to dry by itself for a little while and spritz this all over.  It smells sooo good and keeps my curls bouncy and shiny! There are other types of this spray from this brand including a dry texturizing spray and anti-humidity spray.  I will have to try the travel sizes of these to see if I find another one that I love!

Ambre Blends Organic Oils

I have a weakness for amazing scents and perfumes! I found these gems from meeting a co-worker, after I shook her hand this amazing oil must’ve transferred to me because I kept smelling it the rest of the day and fell in love.  Of course, because I’m all about new products, I asked her what her perfume was and she sent me the link for Ambre Blends! This is an independent, women owned business out of Indianapolis, IN. They focus their energy on aambrell organic, simplistic, biodegradable packaging to complement these oils. The oils come in 4 different scents and are packaged in many different ways so you can use them for everything, even deodorant! Once activated by the body’s warmth, our essences produce a unique, long lasting, individual fragrance that exquisitely compliments one’s own natural chemistry. Ambre Blends essences will smell slightly different on everyone due to the unique body chemistry we all possess.

Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer

Life getsvaseline-spray-go-moisturizer crazy and sometimes you just don’t have the time to pump or squeeze your lotion on your skin, which is VERY important in the summertime, well here’s a great new find that I have been using the past few months! Not only is it super simple and quick to use but it is FABULOUS for traveling, as long as you check your bags.  The nozzle has a turn-to-close feature so it won’t get all over your suitcase! Personally, I love the aloe scent and I feel like it helps soothe after a sunburn.

I highly recommend giving these amazing products and oils a try because, this may be a little dramatic, but they have changed my life!!

Fools Gold

Spring has finally arrived and that means getting ready for shorts, tanks, and flip flops! This is the start of one of my favorite seasons and that means that I needed to find some amazing products to prepare for it! I worked as a manager at a tanning salon for 2 years while I was in college and as much I loved having a perfectly even tan all year long I realized that it wasn’t the best decision for my skin. So to kick off my first favorite thing of April, the spray tan.

Spray Tans

I got a mystic tan the beginning of April and I loved it! All of my friends had been tanning or getting sprays since the weather was getting warmer and we were all breaking out our cute tanks and skirts that showed off a lot more skin and adorable wedges to complete the looks. I do recommend that you don’t get one when you are hungover because it caused me to freak out a little bit about not getting enough air but I got over it.  Also, make sure you listen to what the person says that gives you instructions on what to do.  They tell you to use a baby wipe and wipe your hands off REALLY well (I also recommend standing on it to get the color off the bottom of your feet) My mystic tan lasted about a week and a half which wasn’t bad for only costing around $9.00. The Tan Co. was running a special where your first mystic was $5.00 and all the add-ons were half off. I now go to Shine which is only $10.00 per spray and not quite as traumatic as the mystic booth is.

Naked Basic Palette

With the summer months quickly approaching I tend to wear less makeup for a few reasons: 1. The heat makes you sweat which makes your makeup run, that is not attractive.  2. Beinpaletteg tan I don’t really need to wear any makeup because my skin is clearer from the sun and chlorine from the pools. and 3. I don’t want to take the time to do my makeup after spending the day drinking at the pool, it’s already a miracle that I actually straightened my hair after taking shower instead of just letting it be wild and curly. So the Naked Basics Palette has become my new best friend.  It has lighter shades without the shimmer so I can still do my smokey eye without being so intense! They also work great for being a base or highlight on your eye before you use your statement eyeshadows. 

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product

I have been using this amazing spray for a few years now but since the sun and chlorine from the pools and lake water tend to dry hair out I thought it was the pealb-904_1zrfect time to share this product.  I usually spray it in my hands and run it through my locks after styling with a flatiron or curler.  If I feel like my hair needs a little more moisture then I will put it in while my hair is damp.  It smells amazing and helps keep frizz down! They have expanded this product to include keratin and special ingredients for blondes and a lite version as to not weigh thin hair down.  I personally think this adds fullness to my hair but I can see if you use too much that it tends to thin it out.  This is not an inexpensive product but I honestly think it is worth the money and it lasts for a long time! I only use a squirt or two when styling.

Four Leaf Clovers

Who could hate favorite things? I mean, Oprah (when she still had her show) had an ENTIRE episode dedicated to her favorite things AND she gave them away to everyone in the audience! Talk about AWESOME. I thought this show was the greatest thing on midday television and would record it every year (and write it in my planner and stalk the newstands for the O magazine that featured these fabulous things and jump up and down squealing when a commercial ran giving sneak peeks). Fast forward to now when I record one talk show every single day, The Ellen Degeneres Show. Ellen has topped Oprah! Who would’ve thought we’d see the day. She has 12 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS! That’s so much better then just one day.

So like I said, who could hate favorite things. The amazing thing about Ellen is that it doesn’t have to be a holiday season for her to give things away every day on her show.  She has those fun contests where audience members can win awesome prizes or if she is chatting with a music artist or actor that day she will give away their newest CD or movie tickets but what makes Ellen super special is she gives things to people in need. A family that needs a new car, or a check to help with a child’s medical bills, or a vacation to Disneyland for a family that wouldn’t be able to afford it on their own. She is truly a remarkable person and HILARIOUS! I die laughing watching her show when I get home from work everyday.  (TG for DVR)

So at the end of every month I will write about my favorite things that I found during those 28, 30, or 31 days.  If you ever have any questions about the products feel free to leave a comment! Now onto my favorite things that I found in March!

I have been playing “Girl Crush” by Little Big Town over and over again on my Spotify (I’m trying to figure out how to link my Spotify to my blog so you can see my recent songs, work in progress).

Target dollar Spot Pens and Pencils are my new desk ornaments! They come in sotarget pens and pencils many different colors and patterns every month. The patterns and colors change based on seasons/months. They may not be the best writing instruments but they sure are cute. They also have matching notepads, stationary, thank you cards, sticky tabs, and so much more! These are great to stock up on to add to gift baskets for bridal showers, birthdays, or stocking stuffers. I bought a ton to give to my friends because who could say no to cute pens!

Being the girl that I am I tend to spend a ridiculous sum of money on my hair every year BUT I always feel better when my hair looks fabulous! So I open my wallet and just say “take my money!!” My mom is the same way and tends to buy shampoo andwen-by-chaz-dean_sidebar conditioners and other hair products that I have never heard of from Ulta (our go to beauty store, my dad swears we can never walk out without spending at least $100 but whatever). A couple times a month I go rummage through her bathroom cabinet and find a new product to try. This months favorite is Wen by Chaz Dean. (you order it through a TV ad or online and now it is available at Sephora!). This 5-in-1 formula doesn’t lather so it won’t strip your hair of the natural oils it needs. It increases strength, color, and manageability. I personally use the sweet almond mint conditioner once a week and my hair looks shiner and feels softer!

I wrote an entire post about my new favorite jewelry designer and so that will be my final March favorite. Chloe and Isabel has the most stunning, elegant, beautiful jewelry I’ve ever purchased! There are designs that will appeal to everyones taste and style so I high recommend you check out there site and shop with my classmate from high school at Here’s a few more of my favorite pieces I hope to add to my collection soon:


Hope you enjoyed my first favorites post! Keep checking back to find out more about the fabulous finds I come across and fall in love with. Until then, live life happily.