No Tan Lines by Kate Angell

Shaye Cates runs Barefoot William with her family in beautiful Florida. A small town full of fun shopNoTanLines-210s that attract tourists from all over. But they aren’t the only tourist spot on this beach.  Saunders Shores which is now run by Trace Saunders, Shayes least favorite person on the planet. The Saunders and the Cates have had an ongoing family feud that started back 3 generations. She has gone through years of avoiding his tall, muscular stature and coconut tanning oiled skin, until now.  Putting together a volleyball tournament to bring in extra revenue sounds like a great way to end the summer until she has to ask for permission from Trace to rent some of his beach.

Will these two be able to run a successful volleyball tournament without drama or will the undying spark they’ve been fighting for years get the best of them?

I recently got Kindle Unlimited which allows you to “rent” up to 10 books at a time for $9.99 a month.  There’s thousands of titles and am I glad that I didn’t purchase this book.  It is the beginning of a series that I thought would be a great summer series to read by the pool but it wasn’t that at all! I found the sexual romance they tried to bring to it very poorly written.  It was an easy read so it’s a good book for a quick trip but I won’t be reading anymore of the series. There were a few twists in the book that I wasn’t expecting which is always a good thing in a romance novel. That may get me to pick up the others so I can find out what happened next. We will see and so will you if you see the second book on my blog later on!

Faking It by Elisa Lorello


I have been reading this book for what seems like months! As much as I love to read it can be hard for me to make the time to do it unless I am REALLY into a book. This book was a really easy read and I was able to fly through most of the chapters.

The main character is Andi Cutrone who is a writing professor at a college in Long Island.  She has recently broken off her engagement to with her fiancé, Andrew. She’s the type of woman who has never felt good about herself and needs some help with loving herself.  In steps Devin, an escort she meets at a work cocktail party who she gets the guts to call up and give a proposition to, he will teach her to be a better lover and in return, she will give him writing lessons. They meet once a week and test each others boundaries all while learning more about their authentic selves. Things get pretty hot, steamy and of course complicated. Why wouldn’t they when you mix business and pleasure?