I’m back! And I have a very exciting new subscription box that I recently started getting, HelloFresh! I love to cook but I hate finding the recipes and then going to the store to buy all the ingredients, especially when you don’t need an entire bottle of rice vinegar! So I have a solution, HelloFresh is a weekly food box that shows up at your door/apartment/work once a week.  They create the recipes, pack the ingredients based on measurements needed, and ship free! (I apologize for all the explanation points but I love this sub!) They have a few different subscription options, right now I have the the classic meal box that comes with 3 recipes complete with recipe cards for $70/week which comes out to $20/meal.  Each recipe is portioned out for 2 people, but if you are household of 1, like me, they make great leftovers! The price may seem steep but I advise you to take a look at how much you spend eating out at restaurants or how many times a month you go to the grocery store, this subscription helps take the hassle out of eating healthy portioned meals by planning the recipe and going to the store for you.

Something else I love about HelloFresh is right in the name, the ingredients are FRESH! I know that I am getting a nutritious dinner when every ingredient looks like it was just picked out of my own garden (if I had a garden, one day maybe). I also love that you have the option to pause a week, you can look at the recipes for the upcoming weeks and if something doesn’t fit your fancy then you simply pause and won’t get charged. If you decide you want to try that weeks recipes within the timeframe (midnight on the Wednesday before the next week) you can unpause the week! The other meal options are family or veggie and you can change from 3 to 4 to 5 meals for 2 people or 3 meals for 4 people. Obviously, the pricing changes based on the number of people and meals. Also, they have an app where you can get the recipes for every meal they have so

Now on to the fun part where I get to tell you what I thought about the 4 meals I have tried!

chicken Chicken Milanese with Crispy Potatoes, Mixed Greens, and Creamy Lemon-Chive Dressing

I chose to make this dish first since I figured I couldn’t mess up chicken! Well I was wrong…I still haven’t mastered cooking chicken on the stovetop without burning it (thank goodness there were 2 chicken breasts!) My favorite part of this meal were the potatoes that were cooked in the oven with just a little olive oil, salt and pepper. They went perfect with the non-burnt chicken breast. The mixed greens were like eating grass but the lemon dressing definitely made them more appetizing.


shrimpGarlic-Butter Shrimp with Tomato, Brown Rice, and Caramelized Veggie Skewers 

This was my favorite meal so far that I have already made it again! I have never cooked shrimp before and I was a little nervous to try it but the recipe cards make cooking these meals so easy! The tomato/garlic/vegetable sauce was perfect with the shrimp and helped make the brown rice not so dry. I have also never skewered anything (lol) so making these veggie skewers was another first for me (remember to soak the skewers before cooking or they will catch on fire!!!). I have never tried shallots before nor have I ever heard of them but they were surprising delicious with the red and green bell peppers!


Tuscan Sausage Linguine with Zucchini, Chilies, and Parmesan

I LOVE PASTA so of course I had to try this dish. I brought it back to my parents house so they could try this sub out and I don’t think they were disappointed (and I proved that spending this money was well worth it!) One thing I have noticed is that they really like tomato sauces since they have been in 3 of the 4 meals I have made but I’m not complaining, it is very delicious and healthy since it is homemade! The sausage was a great addition to this dish and I only added a pinch or 2 of the chili flakes since I don’t like spicy food.


Pescado Veracruz with Olive Ragout, Burst Tomatoes, and Basmati Rice

Another first for me, cooking Cod.  But since it was in the oven it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I decided to leave the olives out since I am not the biggest fan of them alone so I figured I wouldn’t want them in my dinner. The tomato/onion/vegetable sauce was absolutely amazing with the fish and rice! I did add a little butter to the rice to give it some more flavor since there wasn’t a ton of sauce. (I just really like carbs)

If you want to give HelloFresh a try then use my code and get $40 off your first box!! And you can cancel anytime with no penalties!


Enjoy and have fun trying new dishes!!

Blogged While Sitting Outside in this Spring Sunshine

I have received my first BirchBox for March!! I was practically squealing when I saw it! The box detail was even prettier and cuter in person and I can’t wait to continue collecting them.

In my box I received:

  • Vansanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator
  • Davines OI/Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion
  • Davines OI/Shampoo
  • Davines OI/Conditioner
  • Harvey Prince Imperial Gardenia
  • Jelly Pong Pong GLOW GETTER Highlighter
  • Temple Spa Peace Be Still Calming Face & Body Balm

(All are pictured above)

The Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator is a basically a light scrub,  I really liked how it could be used more than once a week and was abrasive enough to really scrub the dead skin/old makeup off.  I use a Clarisonic Mia brush with all of my face washes to really get deep into my pores.  The fragrance of it was nice and clean too.

Davines OI/ Shampoo and Conditioner are my new FAVORITES! I wasn’t a fan of the scents at first while washing my hair with them but then after drying and straightening my hair I loved it! The scent stayed the entire next day and it made my hair so silky soft, lightweight and felt so so clean! Using the Davines OI/Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion probably helped boost these results.  This potion feels light to the touch and not oily at all like you would expect from the name.  You apply a few pumps to wet or dry hair to tackle frizz. I will definitely be buying this system with my Birch Box points!

I have my favorite perfumes that I tend to stick to but like trying something new once and a while.  The Harvey Prince Imperial Gardenia will not be something that I will buy. This perfume smelled like someone shoved an ENTIRE flower shop into this tiny bottle.  It was way too potent for me and it stuck around FOREVER.

The Temple Spa Peace Be Still Calming Face & Body Balm will also not be a product that I will purchase.  It was a little too thick for a face lotion.  However, I will probably keep this in my purse in case I need it for an emergency dry skin touch-up.

I have not tried the Jelly Pong Pong GLOW GETTER Highlighter yet.  Probably because the shimmer of it is a little intimidating and I don’t want to look like a drag queen at work (especially since we have large windows with a lot of natural light that would make my face light up like a christmas tree with this stuff on).  From some of the reviews I have read, this product seems to be rather sticky and you have to act fast once you apply it so it doesn’t dry weird. Maybe I will be brave enough to try it this weekend…..but probably not since I have a date with a bottle of wine and Netflix. It’s the little things in life that make me happy.

Overall, I think the products in my first box were great! They all complimented each other scent-wise.  I used 5 of these products all at once and they were all around the same fragrance pallet so they didn’t overpower each other.  I was really excited that I got to try the entire OI Shampoo/Conditioner/beautifying potion together since it sold me on the entire system!

Would any of you be interested in trying these products? I highly recommend BirchBox if you are looking to try something new!