Four Leaf Clovers

Who could hate favorite things? I mean, Oprah (when she still had her show) had an ENTIRE episode dedicated to her favorite things AND she gave them away to everyone in the audience! Talk about AWESOME. I thought this show was the greatest thing on midday television and would record it every year (and write it in my planner and stalk the newstands for the O magazine that featured these fabulous things and jump up and down squealing when a commercial ran giving sneak peeks). Fast forward to now when I record one talk show every single day, The Ellen Degeneres Show. Ellen has topped Oprah! Who would’ve thought we’d see the day. She has 12 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS! That’s so much better then just one day.

So like I said, who could hate favorite things. The amazing thing about Ellen is that it doesn’t have to be a holiday season for her to give things away every day on her show.  She has those fun contests where audience members can win awesome prizes or if she is chatting with a music artist or actor that day she will give away their newest CD or movie tickets but what makes Ellen super special is she gives things to people in need. A family that needs a new car, or a check to help with a child’s medical bills, or a vacation to Disneyland for a family that wouldn’t be able to afford it on their own. She is truly a remarkable person and HILARIOUS! I die laughing watching her show when I get home from work everyday.  (TG for DVR)

So at the end of every month I will write about my favorite things that I found during those 28, 30, or 31 days.  If you ever have any questions about the products feel free to leave a comment! Now onto my favorite things that I found in March!

I have been playing “Girl Crush” by Little Big Town over and over again on my Spotify (I’m trying to figure out how to link my Spotify to my blog so you can see my recent songs, work in progress).

Target dollar Spot Pens and Pencils are my new desk ornaments! They come in sotarget pens and pencils many different colors and patterns every month. The patterns and colors change based on seasons/months. They may not be the best writing instruments but they sure are cute. They also have matching notepads, stationary, thank you cards, sticky tabs, and so much more! These are great to stock up on to add to gift baskets for bridal showers, birthdays, or stocking stuffers. I bought a ton to give to my friends because who could say no to cute pens!

Being the girl that I am I tend to spend a ridiculous sum of money on my hair every year BUT I always feel better when my hair looks fabulous! So I open my wallet and just say “take my money!!” My mom is the same way and tends to buy shampoo andwen-by-chaz-dean_sidebar conditioners and other hair products that I have never heard of from Ulta (our go to beauty store, my dad swears we can never walk out without spending at least $100 but whatever). A couple times a month I go rummage through her bathroom cabinet and find a new product to try. This months favorite is Wen by Chaz Dean. (you order it through a TV ad or online and now it is available at Sephora!). This 5-in-1 formula doesn’t lather so it won’t strip your hair of the natural oils it needs. It increases strength, color, and manageability. I personally use the sweet almond mint conditioner once a week and my hair looks shiner and feels softer!

I wrote an entire post about my new favorite jewelry designer and so that will be my final March favorite. Chloe and Isabel has the most stunning, elegant, beautiful jewelry I’ve ever purchased! There are designs that will appeal to everyones taste and style so I high recommend you check out there site and shop with my classmate from high school at Here’s a few more of my favorite pieces I hope to add to my collection soon:


Hope you enjoyed my first favorites post! Keep checking back to find out more about the fabulous finds I come across and fall in love with. Until then, live life happily.

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