Fools Gold

Spring has finally arrived and that means getting ready for shorts, tanks, and flip flops! This is the start of one of my favorite seasons and that means that I needed to find some amazing products to prepare for it! I worked as a manager at a tanning salon for 2 years while I was in college and as much I loved having a perfectly even tan all year long I realized that it wasn’t the best decision for my skin. So to kick off my first favorite thing of April, the spray tan.

Spray Tans

I got a mystic tan the beginning of April and I loved it! All of my friends had been tanning or getting sprays since the weather was getting warmer and we were all breaking out our cute tanks and skirts that showed off a lot more skin and adorable wedges to complete the looks. I do recommend that you don’t get one when you are hungover because it caused me to freak out a little bit about not getting enough air but I got over it.  Also, make sure you listen to what the person says that gives you instructions on what to do.  They tell you to use a baby wipe and wipe your hands off REALLY well (I also recommend standing on it to get the color off the bottom of your feet) My mystic tan lasted about a week and a half which wasn’t bad for only costing around $9.00. The Tan Co. was running a special where your first mystic was $5.00 and all the add-ons were half off. I now go to Shine which is only $10.00 per spray and not quite as traumatic as the mystic booth is.

Naked Basic Palette

With the summer months quickly approaching I tend to wear less makeup for a few reasons: 1. The heat makes you sweat which makes your makeup run, that is not attractive.  2. Beinpaletteg tan I don’t really need to wear any makeup because my skin is clearer from the sun and chlorine from the pools. and 3. I don’t want to take the time to do my makeup after spending the day drinking at the pool, it’s already a miracle that I actually straightened my hair after taking shower instead of just letting it be wild and curly. So the Naked Basics Palette has become my new best friend.  It has lighter shades without the shimmer so I can still do my smokey eye without being so intense! They also work great for being a base or highlight on your eye before you use your statement eyeshadows. 

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product

I have been using this amazing spray for a few years now but since the sun and chlorine from the pools and lake water tend to dry hair out I thought it was the pealb-904_1zrfect time to share this product.  I usually spray it in my hands and run it through my locks after styling with a flatiron or curler.  If I feel like my hair needs a little more moisture then I will put it in while my hair is damp.  It smells amazing and helps keep frizz down! They have expanded this product to include keratin and special ingredients for blondes and a lite version as to not weigh thin hair down.  I personally think this adds fullness to my hair but I can see if you use too much that it tends to thin it out.  This is not an inexpensive product but I honestly think it is worth the money and it lasts for a long time! I only use a squirt or two when styling.

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