Blogged While Watching Infomercials

Growing up is tough, I know I wrote a post about this a few months ago but it’s still true! I’ve recently run in to a work-slump and have been needing motivation to continue my upbeat personality and effectiveness at my job.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and company and the people I work with but it can be hard knowing that 5 days a week you wake up destined for an eight-hour day filled with emails, calendar invites, expense reports, travel booking, and coffee breaks.  It’s exhausting and sometimes I wonder if I should be doing something else. Is this the job for me or is there something else out there that I could use my skills at?  These questions have really been stressing me out recently to the point where it has made me sick.  But then I think about putting it all into perspective and how blessed I am to have such a great job with amazing managers and coworkers.  Sometimes you just need to look at your life from the outside to help you realize what you have.  I guess it also doesn’t hurt that I have a great support system of a boyfriend who does his best to calm me down when I have these panic attacks :).

I recently moved out of my parents house and into my own apartment away from the ‘burbs and closer to the city.  I absolutely love where I live!! I am closer to a lot more of my friends who have gotten their own places and we get together at least once during the week to do fun adult things! There’s always cool events happening in the city like beer and wine samples at the zoo or concerts and picnics at the Botanical Gardens. Our weekends still involve going to the bars downtown but our daytime weekend activities also consist of running errands since I am too tired to deal with traffic after work.  BUT with moving out came so many more responsibilities like BILLS! The past 10 months having a big girl job and living with my parents meant I saved a good portion of my check every week and then went on shopping sprees with the rest.  I now have to budget while putting money in my savings and having money to pay all my bills! I know it probably sounds like I am whining (which I am) but I am also really glad that I made this life-changing decision because it has forced me to grow up and learn how to manage my money better.  My advice to any young professionals who have a stable career and have been thinking about moving out on your own I say DO IT! It’s scary at first but it ends up being such an amazing life lesson that everyone needs to experience!

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